Measure U

Measure U Voter Information

Dear Neighbors:

On July 24, 2018, the Placentia City Council unanimously (5-0) placed Measure U, a local one-cent sales tax measure, on the November 6, 2018 ballot. If approved by local voters, Measure U would provide local funds for Placentia's 911 emergencies and essential city services.

As you may know, the City of Placentia has its own police department - which means that the City can provide proactive neighborhood police patrols, and local police are available when needed and not diverted to service other cities.

Many people may not know that nearly 77% of 9-1-1 emergency calls to the Fire Department placed by Placentia residents are for medical emergencies. If approved, Measure U will provide funding for these services and other priorities such as:

  • Paving streets and repairing potholes
  • Providing fire protection and emergency medical services
  • Reducing gang activity and drug related crimes
  • Keeping public areas including parks and community centers clean and free of graffiti

All Measure U funds would remain local and requires an independent Citizens' Oversight Committee to ensure funds are spent properly. Measure U funds are protected by law from the State, so they cannot be taken by Sacramento.


Measure U Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF)

City Council Resolution Placing Measure U on the Ballot (PDF)

Ordinance O-2018-08 (PDF)

Measure U Presentation (PDF)