Cultural Arts Commission


The Cultural Arts Commission consists of from five (5) to nine (9) members appointed by the City Council.

The exact number of commissioners is currently set at five (5) and is established by City Council resolution. The term of office is for four (4) years.


Regular meetings of the Cultural Arts Commission are held at 6:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in City Hall.


The Cultural Arts Commission provides activities of a cultural nature for the citizens of Placentia and serves to advise the City Council on cultural arts matters.

Powers & Duties

  • Serves as an advisory group to the City Council on cultural arts matters; recommends methods for maintaining and increasing artistic and cultural resources as well as the level of awareness within the City. The Commission may, upon the request of the Council, advise on the expenditure of capital funds in the field of cultural arts.
  • Provides a leadership role in the Commission's annual special events, as well as in the cultural arts endeavors of other city based organizations and groups.
  • Encourages and solicits contributions and grants from individuals, groups and trusts for the benefit of the City's cultural arts programs; submits recommendations to the Council on the use of such contributions, donations and funding, and presents grants to teachers with deserving culturally artistic programs.
  • Conducts studies with a view to formulating ways by which creative activity, high standards and increased opportunities in the arts and culture may be encouraged and promoted by community groups in the best interest of the City's artistic and cultural programs.

Staff Liaison

Director of Community Services and/or designated staff member(s)